• Mokushi - Take It Slowly (Dubnoize Records 001)
  • O.B.I. - We Are Criminals (Criminal Music Records 006)
  • Withecker - Team America (Schranz Fabrik Recordings 010)
  • Julyukie - Hard Techno Junkie (Hard Tunes Records 010)
  • Dj Hammond - The Spring Is My Love (Adrian Valera Remix/ upcoming DJHammond Rec.)

Electronic Music Essential Label Group

About Eprom

Essential is a label group for different electronic music genres, our focus is in house, electro, minimal, drum and bass, dubstep, techno, hardtechno, schranz, hardstyle, hardcore and industrial music. Essential introduce 5 record labels in more than 303 music stores around the world. We allways looking forward to present good quality in perfection and a bit more.The offspring is a big part of the future and one of the most important things for us, we are deffinitly intressted to support and present new talents to the world of electronic music. Cooperation and Press Contact

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